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Worst Home Remedies for Bad Breath That You Should Stop Using - Bonita Springs, FL

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Is bad breath stealing your confidence to mingle with others? Perhaps, you have canceled many social gatherings, afraid of getting embarrassed by the unpleasant smell in your mouth. We understand how devastating it is to suffer from bad breath or halitosis. The condition is not merely an issue regarding the foods that the person consumes or the lack of proper oral hygiene. There are some causes of bad breath that only dental professionals can tell. As much as you want to splurge to certain home remedies, we at Proscia Dental insist that you shouldn’t. Take a look at these bad breath solutions that might be doing more harm than good.

Kerosene RinsingWe get it. You are definitely on fire to find a cure for bad breath. But rinsing with kerosene is a BAD idea. Unless you don’t want to burn your mouth or your whole house, you should not take this as a remedy for bad breath – just don’t!Non-stop Mouth RinsingSwishing the mouth with alcohol-free mouthwash is an important step that everyone should practice every day to get rid of plaque and bacteria. However, it must only be done two times a day. Since mouthwash helps overpower the unpleasant breath in the mouth, many people may be tempted to use it several times every day. What they do not know is that excessive rinsing can produce an undesirable, stinky tissue in the mouth which smells even worse. Munching Breath MintsFor office workers, brushing the teeth after eating is a hassle. So it is expected for people who are in a corporate setting to grab a piece of chewing gum to conceal the smell of their last viand from their mouths. Nevertheless, breath mints cannot aid bad breath. Like mouthwash, they might act as a band-aid, but they cannot get to the root of the problem.

The Best Treatment Is Available!

Chronic bad breath is not something that you can just treat at home. Do not get enticed by the different products in the market that promise to freshen the breath. Their claims might sound pleasing to the ears, but their effects are not! If you have problems with your breath, let us at Proscia Dental help you. We have Halitosis Treatment which is laid out depending on the cause of your bad breath.Fight bad breath before it ruins your life! Avail of our Halitosis Treatment in Bonita Springs, FL. Talk to us at Proscia Dental now! You can visit our office as well. We are located at 9136 Bonita Beach Rd SE, Bonita Springs, FL 34135.

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