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Dr. Joseph Proscia

Dr. Proscia
A highly skilled professional, Dr. Proscia is a compassionate and caring dentist. He has a friendly personality and a fun sense of humor. His ability to explain a treatment plan in lay terms has prompted excellent reviews from his patients. His depth of knowledge and technology expertise has gained him a strong reputation in dental circles.

Dr. Proscia, a Seminole, completed his pre-med course of study at Florida State University in Tallahassee. He was accepted and completed his doctorate at the prestigious SUNY Buffalo School of Dental Medicine. In addition to his training, Dr. Proscia's experience includes spearheading a busy corporate dental office in Port Charlotte. He is known for his ability to maximize technology and offer innovative solutions, all while maintaining the style of a traditional dentist.In his off hours, you will find Dr. Proscia and his lovely wife Samantha enjoying the beach engaged in his hobby of collecting shark's teeth. Hence, you will note the seaside decor and his unique logo!

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