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What Are the Advantages of Cosmetic Dentistry, Bonita Springs

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Cosmetic dentistry is a term which is put into use when one refers to any dental treatment which betters the physical looks of teeth, gums and or the bite. The main arenas which cosmetic dentistry concentrate on including a betterment of color, position, shape, size, and alignment of the tooth or teeth and the all-in-all smile value of the concerned person.

Which are the various procedures which come under the bracket of cosmetic dentistry?

  1. The addition of a dental substance to a tooth or teeth or even gums for some dental rectification comes within the purview of cosmetic dentistry. This includes bonding, porcelain veneers or laminates, crown or caps, and gum grafts.
  2. The procedure involving removal of a tooth structure or gums like enameloplasty or gingivectomy also come within this bracket of work.
  3. Teeth whitening, laser whitening, and gum depigmentation are some other procedures which are connected with cosmetic dentistry.Teeth straightening with the use of braces and retainers come in the field of orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry, both.

What is teeth whitening?

This is a procedure which can be done at home as well as in the dental clinic. At home, procedures involve the use of teeth whitening trays. These are custom made after an impression of the teeth and gums of the patient is taken. The trays are taken home, smeared with a whitening lotion or gel, and worn over the teeth and gums. Slowly but surely, the teeth start to whiten. However, this procedure is not a permanent one. Whitened teeth can get re-stained again. This can happen due to an intake of a large quantity of tea, coffee, red wine or other such drinks and beverages. Also, intake of food substances like beetroot can cause teeth staining. Smoking and nicotine products too will make the teeth stain as will lack of good discipline in dental routine.Teeth whitening in the dental clinic involves the propping up of the teeth first. Then, they are smeared with a whitening lotion or gel, and this activated with the means of a laser light which is passed over them at a given intensity and for a given duration of time. This procedure may also be repeated once more to make the whole treatment more effective. Even these teeth, which are whitened in the dental clinic, can get re-stained if adequate care is not taken.

What are braces and retainers?

These are teeth straightening devices which can be used not just during childhood or adolescence but even adulthood years of the child concerned. It is a misnomer that braces and retainers can be worn only during younger years of a person. This treatment is a rather lengthy one and goes on for over a year. Sometimes, people suffer from lack of confidence when they have irregularly placed teeth. This can be rectified with braces and retainers and the smile value of the person and thereby his or her morale restored.For more details contact: 9136 Bonita Beach Rd SE, Bonita Springs, FL 34135. Call: (239) 494-4574.

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