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Ten Facts on Composite Bonding in Bonita Springs You can Share with Everyone

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Composite bonding is also known as cosmetic bonding. It is a lesser known dental treatment as compared with certain other procedures. Here is a run-up on this treatment:

  1. Cosmetic bonding is a line of treatment which is used to better the appearance of the smile of a given person. This also aids and abets in giving strength to teeth which are cracked or broken.
  2. Cosmetic bonding involves the use of composite substances to cover up the flaws with a person’s dentition. These could be surfaces which are wearing out or teeth which are damaged or if there exist gaps between teeth. Sometimes the change which is incorporated due to this treatment is not something very major, but the overall effect it has on the smile and the facial structure of the concerned person is overwhelming.
  3. The duration of the treatment could even be lesser than 60 minutes. A putty-like substance is used for teeth bonding or bridging the gap between teeth. After this, a beam of light is shone on the substance to harden it up. Once it hardens, the dentist gives some last minute touches to it, and one is over and done with the treatment.
  4. The cosmetic nature of the treatment is its selling point. With very little effort, the entire smile of a person can get transformed.
  5. Also, it is a pretty much painless process. There is no discomfort too while a patient is undergoing the procedure.
  6. There is no need for any injections or shots to be given to the patient for this treatment. It is safe, easy and quick to perform.
  7. After the procedure is done successfully, it does not seem as if someone has placed a material on the tooth and bonded it onto it. The material seems very much like part and parcel of the tooth itself without anything added onto it. This is what makes it seem very natural.
  8. It takes just one visit to the dentist to get this procedure done. First, the dentist may apply an etching solution onto the tooth surface to make it a bit rough. This will enable an easy attachment of some other substance onto the tooth surface. Also, the resin bonding is very pliable, and hence it can be moved around a bit on the tooth till it exactly comes into the position where it is required to be bonded.
  9. This procedure can also be used to whiten the tooth or teeth. For this, a lighter shade of the resin can be used. This is then bonded onto the tooth. The overall appearance, after the treatment is over, is of brighter and whiter tooth or teeth.
  10. At times multiple resin layers are required to ensure that the treatment is successful. In such an event, each layer of the resin is hardened before the application of the next one.

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