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Pediatric Dentistry in Bonita Springs, FL: An Important Part in Your Child’s Health

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Pediatric dentistry provides both preventive and general dental care to children, from infancy to adolescence (American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry). One good feature of pediatrics is the inclusion of patients with special needs. These patients require more oral health care attention more than anyone else. To this end, Proscia Dental offers various pediatric dental services to help our young patients achieve healthy mouth, teeth, and gums.

Pediatric Dentists

Dentists who specialize in this branch of dentistry must undergo several years of extensive study and training. They have to finish their undergraduate program, take up four years of dental study and add two to three more years of specialized training under an accredited residency. Pediatric dentists are qualified and are experienced in handling different patient behaviors; hence parents should not worry.

Why Pediatric Dentistry?

Children’s teeth are important. Their chompers help them chew, grind and digest food. However, their primary teeth will not stay forever; it will eventually fall out and be replaced by permanent adult teeth. Taking precautionary measures which are part of pediatric dental care is best to avoid teeth damage, cavities, teeth irregularities, and dental issues.

Dentists recommend that children must visit a dentist as soon as their first tooth erupts and no later than their first birthday. Why is it important? Here are the following reasons:

  • Keep children’s overall dental health in excellent condition
  • Help parents and their children develop good dental habits
  • Ease kid’s fear of dental procedures
  • Monitor dental health, detect early signs of tooth decay and other oral problems.

Dental Treatments for Your Kids

Different dental procedures were modified to fit children’s oral needs specifically. Dentists at Proscia Dental can perform the following to improve your child’s dental health.

  • Complete checkups and preventive treatments
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Dental sealants
  • Mouthguards

Parents and guardians, do not hesitate to ask the dentist regarding your child’s oral health condition. By doing so, the dentist can develop a preventive treatment plan to keep their dental health in good condition.Proscia Dental is always ready to take action involving you and your child’s oral health. If you want to experience secure and more child-friendly Pediatric Dentistry in Bonita Springs, FL, contact us and book your appointment.

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