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How to Stay Calm During Dental Visits in Bonita Springs, FL

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Some people decline dental visits because they do not have enough time to do so. Busy parents, for example, might prioritize their children first before anything else. Those who are in a corporate world may tend to skip dental appointments because of their hectic schedules as well. But while these excuses are common to all, many individuals are merely not interested to see the dentist twice a year or when needed because of one typical reason: Dental Fear and Anxiety. In a study conducted by the Columbia University College of Dental Medicine, there are about 40 million people in the U.S who are afraid of the dentists, thus ended up neglecting their routine dental visits.

Dental fear and anxiety, however, should not hinder a person from getting the care that their oral health deserves. If necessary treatments are not sought right away, patients may be at risk for another complication. Let’s put a root canal as an example. When a person failed to receive root canal therapy, they only give the tooth infection a chance to cause further damage—resulting in the total destruction of the tooth in the end. As your trusted oral health partner, we will not let you suffer from the consequences of untreated oral problems due to dental fear and anxiety. For our patients to have a smooth dental experience, here are our recommendations:Choose a dental practitioner wellPatients should select a dental office with staffs and dentists that they can be comfortable with. Getting reviews and recommendations from friends or families is helpful. However, for those who are residing in Bonita Springs, FL they need not look any further as we at Proscia Dental are here to cater to their dental needs. Our goal here is to provide top-notch dental care to patients while minding their comfort at the same time. We offer sedation dentistry to ease the stress of patients during dental procedures. The following are the sedatives that are available in our clinic:

  • Oral Sedation which can be taken through a pill. This option is good for those who are uncomfortable with injections or needles.
  • Local Anesthesia that uses an injection to numb the part of the mouth where the treatment is needed.

Connect with the dentistCommunication is key. Feel free to open up with the dentist if anxiety or fear is felt. Informing the dental professional about your condition will help them plot the necessary things to do to make the treatment even more comfortable. Prepare AheadThere are ways that patients can do prior to their dental visits to soothe their anxiousness. First, they should pick a schedule in which they are most likely to feel stress-free and not pressured. Dental visits that are done in the early part of the morning or on a Saturday are more relaxing. Next, pack the essential things the night before the appointment. Make sure to bring earphones and an iPod to distract yourself from the unwanted sounds inside the clinic. Also, when eating before the procedure, choose foods that are rich in protein as they have properties that can calm the brain. With the help of the tips mentioned above and sedation dentistry, everyone can feel confident and at ease during dental appointments.Do not hesitate to approach us at Proscia Dental for Sedation Dentistry in Bonita Springs, FL. Contact or visit us in our clinic. We are located at 9136 Bonita Beach Rd SE, Bonita Springs, FL 34135.

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