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How to Speed up Your Recovery Time After a Root Canal Treatment? - Bonita Springs, FL

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The procedure involved in a root canal treatment is painless. Patients are sure to not experience discomfort, problems, and any complications during the process. However, they may encounter issues after the therapy if certain aftercare is not followed. Here is a list of instructions that we at Proscia Dental prepared to help you recover from the surgical procedure real quick.

Hasten Your Recovery Time With These Tips!

Tip #1 - Stop, rest, and relaxAfter a root canal treatment, the person should be willing to get rid of strenuous activities. They are advised to slow down and ease up for at least 48 hours. Tip #2 - Avoid eating right awayThe areas where the treatment is performed may swell or become slightly painful after the procedure. Patients are not supposed to consume foods until the effect of anesthesia is gone. Tip #3 - Make use of warm salt waterThe last thing that you might want to attract after a root canal treatment is an infection. While it is common for people to have inflamed gums following the therapy, anyone can eliminate this occurrence by rinsing with a water and salt mixture every day. Tip #4 - Ask the dentist beforehandSome symptoms might arise during the healing process. It is always better to ask the dentist about the things to expect to avoid panicking. We at Proscia Dental will give you further information regarding this matter upon receiving a root canal treatment in our office.Tip #5 - You can take pain relieversOver the counter pain medication is helpful in fighting off the discomfort in the jaw and gums once the anesthesia starts to wear off. Ask the dentist to prescribe a specific anti-inflammatory tablet and take it as directed. Tip #6 - Refrain from smoking or drinking with a strawThese two activities may cause disruptions to the blood clot which will delay the person’s chance to heal.Take note: The recovery period is vital for a successful root canal treatment. Be sure to follow all the points mentioned above.Aiming to save your teeth from extraction? Contact us to know about Root Canal Treatment in Bonita Springs, FL, or to schedule your appointment with Proscia Dental! You may visit us at 9136 Bonita Beach Rd SE, Bonita Springs, FL 34135.

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