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How To Prepare for an Oral Surgery - Bonita Springs, FL

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Dentistry is consist of varieties of treatments made available for patients cater their specific dental needs. From diagnosis, treatment, prevention, restoration, or cosmetics everything they need to undergo to keep good oral health is possible. If the teeth’s condition is too severe for a dental treatment to fix or save, Oral Surgery is recommended. Oral Surgery is essential in helping patients save their dental health and lower the risk of developing dental complications. Experts from Proscia Dental specializes in performing several types of Oral surgeries for patients to achieve better and healthier dental condition.

Oral Surgery Services Offered at Bonita Springs

  • Removal of Wisdom Tooth
  • Tooth Extraction
  • Bone Grafting
  • TMJ Disorder
  • Cleft and Lip Palate

How to Prepare for an Oral Surgery?

Oral Surgery may sound terrifying but with proper knowledge and preparation for the procedure, it can help the patient to be at ease and comfortable for the whole treatment duration.

  • Be completely informed. Make sure to know everything involved in the procedure by asking for details and understand the reason why the treatment is necessary for the overall dental health.
  • Talk to your family and friends for a ride home. As preparation for the treatment, sedation can be used to make sure that the patient will not feel any pain and stay relaxed. However,  the effect of the sedative might last for few hours after the procedure which is why the patients might be advised not to drive themselves home to ensure their safety.
  • Fasting may be required. The dentist may instruct the patient to not eat anything after midnight before the scheduled appointment and the morning before the surgery. It is necessary to lower the risk of aspiration which is a rare but severe effect of anesthesia where the contents of the stomach fill the lungs of the patient.
  • Wearing a short sleeve shirt. It allows the nurses to easily attach the needed apparatus in the arms for IV’s or when they are checking and keeping track of the patient’s vital signs.
  • Arrive early. It is essential to make sure that all the needed paper works are ready to avoid any hassles. Being early can also help the patient to relax and even ask for more information that they need to know.

It is also essential to know the necessary practices to be performed post-surgery for proper care and better healing. Know the foods, beverages, and habits to avoid, to ensure that there would be no issues with the healing process of the site of surgery. Oral Surgery is essential for patients to have a healthier and beautiful overall smile.Feel confident and happy with your oral health! Proscia Dental is pleased to be of service to our patients for all their dental care needs including Oral Surgery in Bonita Springs. We are located at 9136 Bonita Beach Rd SE, Bonita Springs, FL 34135. You may contact us to schedule your appointment.

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