The thought of having a tooth extracted can be a bit daunting to many people because it involves the injection, sharp tools and objects and the blood. However, there are times when a tooth really has to be extracted no matter how much you try to take good care of it, no matter how much you try to save it.

Here at Proscia Dental, we make our patients understand the significance of each procedure we perform especially the extraction of a tooth. This is because we want our patients to overcome their fears and feel comfortable and relaxed with our treatments.

Extracting a tooth does not necessarily mean that you are bad at providing care for your teeth and gums as there are various reasons behind the need for tooth extractions. These include:

  • There are cases when a patient’s mouth is too crowded with teeth. That means that your teeth may be too large for the spaces in your jaw. Overcrowding can result in misalignment of the teeth and when your teeth are misaligned, your appearance is not the only thing that’s affected. The health of your teeth is compromised too because you will not be able to clean them, thus increasing risk of decay.
  • If a tooth is already extremely damaged and a root canal treatment cannot save it anymore, then it has to be extracted. If you leave a decayed teeth in your mouth, the bacteria will only continue to spread and increase your risk of damage to your other teeth. It will also give you bad breath.
  • Impacted wisdom teeth also need to be extracted before they get decayed. If you wait until the decay of your wisdom tooth, you are more likely to suffer from infection and pain.

If you think you need to have an extraction but feel scared to do it, Proscia Dental in Bonita Springs, FL is here to help you get the dental treatment you need while giving you a comfortable dental experience. Call us at (239) 494-4574 today.

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