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Sleep Apnea Treatment in
Bonita Springs, Florida

Have you experienced pauses in your breathing while you are asleep? Or shallow breaths during your sleep? This sleeping disorder is called sleep apnea.

Sleep Apnea Treatment in Bonita Springs, Florida

When you have sleep apnea, you will experience breathing pauses that range for a few seconds and can happen for as many as 30 times in a matter of one hour, and after this, your breathing will go back to being normal again.

Sleep apnea disrupts your sleep and moves you from deep sleep into a light sleep. This is not good because you will feel tired and sleepy the next day. This is also the reason behind daytime sleepiness.

There are no lab tests nor exams that can be used to diagnose sleep apnea, and it is not easy to detect during a dental consultation because this is happening in your sleep.

When do you need to consult a professional about sleep apnea?

  • You need to seek professional help when you snore loud enough that it disturbs the sleep of the person beside you.
  • You get awakened in the middle of your sleep because you are gasping for air or are choking
  • You feel extremely sleepy, tired and drowsy during the day even when you have your daily activities

Snoring is something that most people neglect as they think that it is nothing serious. However, snoring should not be ignored because it could be a sign of a serious condition just like sleep apnea. In fact, not everyone who has sleep apnea experience loud snoring, so in order to have this detected and diagnosed, seeking the help of a professional would be the best thing to do, especially when you observe yourself feeling tired and sleepy throughout the day.

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